Roof Damage Caused by Severe Weather

The state of Alabama has suffered a number of storms in the past months and many major cities and towns are still trying to recover from the damage that was caused, especially Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas. While these storms have been pretty major, even the smallest of storms can cause damage to your home especially your roof, which is something that many homeowners often overlook and underestimate.

Don’t Assume There’s No Damage
After a storm, you will do a quick glance of your home and while everything may appear to be completely fine and up to par, it doesn’t mean that it is. Professionals can see more than the homeowner can as they are trained to spot even the smallest of damages.

Even Weak Tornados Cause Damage
A small tornado usually doesn’t cause much structural damage and is usually limited to falling trees. However, one thing that a small tornado can do damage to is your home’s roof. It may be as little as a shingle being ripped from the roof but regardless, even one shingle could result in a roof leak causing damage inside the home (water spots) if not treated immediately. However, a strong enough tornado could rip your entire roof off. The important thing to understand is to realize that no matter how small the tornado or storm is, there could be serious damage done to your roof and if not repaired immediately could result in further damage to your home.

Hail Damage Hurts Too
Aside from tornados causing roof damage, hail usually accompanies tornados and subsequent storms. Hail as small as half a dollar can cause damage to your roof. Usually, if you are dealing with a hail storm, the damage may be hard to see. Contact Continental Roofing, and we will come out and provide a free inspection and estimate of damage.

Never Underestimate the Damage
Underestimating the potential damage caused by tornados, high winds, and hail can cause serious harm to your home resulting in a lot more money to be dispersed to various contractors to have everything repaired. It’s better to have the damage repaired early even if it’s minor rather than wait until it becomes worse and possibly affects other parts of your home.

Choose only a local licensed, insured, and reputable company. After all, you’ve been through enough with the storms. In addition, Continental Roofing will help guide you through filing an insurance claim in addition to repairing the damage caused by the storm – and this alone is why many choose a professional contractor that knows the damage that storms can cause as well as one that is knowledgeable about insurance claims process.